Tarmac restoration imageTarmac restoration image

Tarmac restoration

Over a period of time tarmac will dry out, crack, and suffer colour loss from the effects of the sun. Our tarmac restoration product replaces the lost resin and re-colours the surface leaving it with that that 'just laid' look once more.

Look at the benefits:-

  • Avoids the need expensive tarmac resurfacing
  • Restores the original colour of the tarmac
  • Replaces resin that may have been lost from the surface
  • Very easy and quick to apply
  • Will stabilise any cracks or loose tarmac chippings

As part of our tarmac restoration service we can also carry out crack repairs and replace damaged areas. To look at the results of our Tarmac restoration service Click here to see the image gallery.

If you have a tarmac driveway that  needs a 'makeover', please call us on us on 01260 275790 or mobile 07934 802782 or alternativly email me at paulharvey1969@btinternet.com