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Decking & Wood Cleaning

Due to the nature of its surface wooden decking requires regular maintainance and looking after to keep it looking good. Without this it soon becomes dirty, tired looking and often covered in slippery green algae.

Lift Off Pressure Washing specialise in pressure cleaning and re-treating decking, wooden furniture, summerhouses, conservatories and fencing. We have carried out many decking cleaning projects in Cheshire, Greater Manchester and North Staffordshire over the years.

Our rotary headed jet washing equipment will easily clean the wood without the leaving behind the 'striping' effect that domestic pressure washers make. Once the surface is clean we can treat all forms of wood with a range of quality decking oils for long term protection.

Click here to view our gallery of decking and other wooden surfaces that have been cleaned. 

If you have any kind of wooden surface that requires a 'facelift' please give us a call on 01260 275790 or mobile 07934 802782 alternativly email me at